Emotion Notion offers services that are focused on improving the way you handle your emotions in various aspects of your life. Whether you are looking for a way to express yourself more constructively with your spouse or want to learn how to be more patient with your coworkers, we offer something to cater to your needs.


Here at Emotion Notion, we offer a variety of resources to get you to a state of emotional enlightenment and health. If you feel we're missing something, tell us! We are open to providing you with what you need and encourage your input.

Improve Yourself


Approximately $10 billion is produced in the self-improvement industry each year. One could assume with such a high number that we are all looking at ways to improve our way of life and thinking. This is not a bad thing. In fact, you cannot work on relationships with other people until you have an understanding and loving relationship with yourself. So what does that look like? Look below to MSCEIT assessments to start exploring. 

Improve your Personal Relationships


Let's be honest. Life is not easy by any means and trying to live that life with someone else can be daunting just as much as it is rewarding. From stress of children, to what life has to throw at you, life can be taxing. Often times we may take it out on our significant others or close friends or family and take their presence for granted, as a result. If you are reading this, it most likely means you value your personal relationships and are willing to improve on some aspect that you see can use a little help. Look below to MSCEIT assessments to start exploring.

Improve Your Professional Relationships


The average person spends 8 1/2 hours a day at work. That's approximately 1/3 of your day spent with people you either love or tolerate to get a paycheck a couple times a month whether you like them or not. If you are spending so much time with someone, why not make a situation better by getting to know them? If you are a manager or executive and sense a little tension in the air with your team, how helpful would it be to build camaraderie and change the atmosphere? Look below to the EQ-i and EQ360 assessments for more information. 

Personalized Emotional Intelligence Assessments

You have the choice of three different types of emotional intelligence assessments

  • MSCEIT assessments 

  • EQ-i 2.0 assessments

  • EQ360 assessments

MSCEIT assessments are specific to the elements associated with emotional intelligence and have more of a personal use. 

EQ-i 2.0 assessments are associated with your combined individual emotional intelligence and personality elements within your work environment. 

EQ360 assessments are also associated with emotional intelligence in your work environment but also assess other people's views of your EI like your colleagues, subordinates or superiors. 

Each assessment comes with a multi-page report and a debrief of your results so you get a full explanation of what your results actually mean and how you can improve them. 

Ready to learn more? Click here or one of the icons on the right to get more detail on each type of assessment to get scheduled!

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