Emotion Notion offers services that are focused on improving the way you handle your emotions in various aspects of your life. Whether you are looking for a way to express yourself more constructively with your spouse or want to learn how to be more patient with your coworkers, we offer something to cater to your needs.


Here at Emotion Notion we offer anything from a short article or FAQ if you are pressed for time, a quick video to learn how to handle conflicts or even a 1-day course for all of your new hires in your sales department. Whatever you are looking for we offer and, if you do not see it, tell us! We are open to providing you with what you need and encourage your input.

Improve Yourself


Approximately $10 billion is produced in the self-improvement industry each year. One could assume with such a high number that we are all looking at ways to improve our way of life and thinking. This is not a bad thing. In fact, you cannot work on relationships with other people until you have an understanding and loving relationship with yourself. So what does that look like? Click any of the videos below to learn more about what we offer and how it can help you.

Improve your Personal Relationships


Let's be honest. Life is not easy by any means and trying to live that life with someone else can be daunting just as much as it is rewarding. From stress of children, to what life has to throw at you, life can be taxing. Often times we may take it out on our significant others or close friends or family and take their presence for granted, as a result. If you are reading this, it most likely means you value your personal relationships and are willing to improve on some aspect that you see can use a little help. Click any of the videos below to learn more about what we offer and how it can help you. 

Improve Your Professional Relationships


The average person spends 8 1/2 hours a day at work. That's approximately 1/3 of your day spent with people you either love or tolerate to get a paycheck a couple times a month whether you like them or not. If you are spending so much time with someone, why not make a situation better by getting to know them? If you are a manager or executive and sense a little tension in the air with your team, how helpful would it be to build camaraderie and change the atmosphere? Click any of the videos below to learn more about what we offer and how it can help you.

Personalized EQ-i Assessment


The EQ-i assessment provides a baseline of where you fit in a variety of emotional intelligence factors. This report provides an eye-opening experience and surprising components about yourself you did not realize until your follow-up session. Included in your assessment is a 21-page report, which provides action items you can follow up on, a one-on-one session prior to taking the assessment and a follow-up session to explain your results. All a great start to learning more about yourself!

Courses and Programs


Improving yourself and relationships takes time, dedication, application and more importantly practice! This transition does not happen over night and sometimes you need a little more information and guidance to get there. We offer individualized online, self-paced courses you can take when you like, programs focusing on various emotional intelligence areas, or in-person sessions that focus on a topic(s) directly affecting your team or your current situation.

Stay Tuned!

Quick Videos 


Sometimes you may only have a couple minutes to view something or, quite frankly, you hate reading (it happens!). This is the area for you! Search our video library and you may find something that is just what you need at the right moment. 

More to Come!

Blogs and Vlogs  


Reading general information is fine but sometimes it is more applicable if it actually relates to you and what you have going on in your life. The majority of topics for our blogs and vlogs are based on feedback and inquiry from you. What bugged you today? What situation has been stewing with you? What is an area of your life you'd really like to improve? These questions can be answered with these resources. 

On the Way!