Hey there!! I am SO excited that you stopped by and even more excited to fill you in on the details of my new series, QOD with Dr. C! This project is something I've had on my mind for some time now, and I can't believe it's actually coming to fruition!

The premise of the project is to talk about situations many of us find ourselves in when it comes to our relationships, while adding an emotional intelligence spin to it. As the Emotion Notion saying goes, "Manage Your Emotions, Manage Your Life"and our relationships are generally what gets the brunt of our emotions. 

If you find yourself in a situation that you're just not sure what way to go, that's where I come in! I will be taking questions posed by you and others, and providing some insight to you and the rest of the world!

Of course, your identity will be anonymous (unless you request otherwise), and you may be helping someone else out by asking! 

So how do you get started? Well, this may change, but you can reach me at the contact information below. I'll respond if/when I can use your material for a new segment!