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Elevate Your Leadership Power Skills Program - Course Descriptions

It Starts with You

How can you help others if you can’t help yourself? Discover important leadership skills you already possess and how you can enhance them even more to influence your employees.

Confident Look

What's Your Motivation?

What motivates you to inspire others and be effective? Identify what motivates you and how that translates to supporting and motivating your team.

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We All Have Feelings

Understanding the emotions of yourself and your employees can help you gain another level of understanding for your entire team. Learn how to champion for your team’s needs through leading by example.

Team Meeting

Keeping It Fresh

It’s hard to be innovative if you’re working from stale material. Learn how to keep your vision new and fresh to inspire your employees to do the same.

Light Bulb

Keep It Cool 

Your employees look to you for guidance, security and stability. This also means keeping your emotions in check when things get spicy. Learn practical ways to stay calm and collected in stressful situations.

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Clearing the Air

Keeping it real can make a difference when communicating with others. Explore effective ways to communicate with transparency and objectivity in situations you encounter with your employees.

Filming an Interview

Dream Team Dynamics

Teamwork makes the dream work! Learn how to take advantage of individuality within your team to enhance overall performance and objectives.

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Express and Progress

Effectively managing and expressing your emotions at work allows you to foresee potential challenges and create solutions on how to overcome them. Examine how you can communicate and inspire your employees through effective expression. 

Support Group

Being Flexible

Most projects rarely go as planned. Learn how to flex your emotional muscles to deal with expected and unexpected situations and help your team adjust as well.

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Eye on the Prize

It’s easy to get distracted but your focus is critical to your leadership responsibilities. Learn about how to focus on what really matters and minimize other things that don’t.

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