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Consider this about the Millennial workforce...


Only 42% believe their current employers provide learning, development and training opportunities


73% expect that they'll need additional education or training to advance in their careers


42% say learning and development (L&D) is the most important benefit when deciding where to work 


86% express confidence in their ability to gain new skills and learn new technologies

Research obtained from Udemy in Depth: 2018 Millennials at Work Report

The Elevate Your Power Skills Program
can address these gaps!

This program will cover dimensions of leadership based on the EQ-i Leadership Report and include: 

Business Partners


This quality involves presenting your real, true self in the room by leading with morality, fairness and transparency with your approach.

Business People


This quality is at the core of leadership and mentorship by encouraging employee growth and goals at their highest performance level.

Casual Businessman


This quality includes sharing wisdom and purpose to inspire employees to meet and exceed their goals. 

Modern Creative Office


This quality focuses on thinking outside the box  and taking risks and challenges on to take advantage of opportunities.

Confident Businesswoman


Keep these areas in check to embrace your leadership responsibilities and hold yourself accountable.

EQi 2.0 certified
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