Frequently Asked Questions


Look below to see some of our frequently asked questions. If you don't see a question you have, answered below, pleased contact us by clicking the Contact button in the menu. 

 01  Do I need to take the EQ-i assessment to take any courses? 

Although not a pre-requisite or requirement, we strongly recommend you take an EQ-i assessment to fully understand where you fit within the EQ-i components that are discussed through each of the courses. We offer packages that include the EQ-i assessment and in-depth courses. 




 02  How much is the EQ-i assessment? 

Prices of the EQ-i assessment vary depending on the EQ-i type. There are also discount packages for group sessions. Look at the assessments in more detail in the Shop or complete the Contact Us form indicating your interest and we can supply you with details of what works best for you. 




 03  What if I want to take a course in-person but I am not near a live                   session?

We offer similar in-person courses in webinar formats. In each format you also receive participant guides or workbooks to assist you through each of the deliverable types. Contact us if you are an organization and would prefer a group session in-person to determine details.