Emotion Notion offers a variety of different course formats depending on what you are looking for and what you need. Look at any of the information below to see what is available to you. Click on the Courses dropdown list in the menu to access more details on specifics to every course. 


We offer a large array of courses online that you can take at your own pace, have access to 24 hours a day, and can take as much as you like for a six-month period. The intent of each course is to make sure you do not get bored and actually enjoy what you are learning by including: 

  • content in bite-sized chunks 

  • activities and games for learning and application

  • assessment and quizzes to test your knowledge


Face-to-face sessions are available for groups of 10 or more or periodically scheduled throughout the year in Atlanta, GA and open to the public. Complete the Contact Us form for more details on the upcoming schedule. 


Courses are offered individually as well as in a program so if you are looking for a particular subject on how to better your relationship with your significant other, for instance, you can sign up for that course specifically to obtain the information you need to become successful in managing that part of your life. 


If you do not live in the Atlanta area or prefer to conduct a session online, a webinar may be the perfect solution for you. You will collaborate with no more than 25 people, learning about managing your emotions in a variety of different topics. 


Although courses are offered individually, we highly recommend taking a full program as you have the opportunity to learn all about emotional intelligence, yourself and your interactions with others to the full extent. You also have a an opportunity to apply what you have learned more and take it with you in your everyday life. 



Applying what you have learned immediately is the best way to remember that information. During seminars and workshops you are involved in a number of activities to assess your own emotional intelligence in a variety of different scenarios.