About Us 

Enhancing people's lives through emotional discovery and management. 

It all started with a useless manager...

About 10 years ago, founder of Emotion Notion, Christa Thompson, was working at a place where there was not much room for movement and the managers she had sucked... BAD! Perhaps they had some knowledge of operational processes but when it came to actually interacting with their employees, they should have been fired. There was a lack of emotional connectivity with employees and the sense of fakeness was unbearable. 


One day Christa was having a conversation with a coworker who talked about this thing called emotional intelligence, which sparked a match in Christa's mind to see what this thing was about. Lo and behold she had no idea how important emotional intelligence was and how much of it lacked not just in her professional relationships but personally as well. 


Fast forward to today and there is still a lack of emotional intelligence across the board. The explosion of social media and a false sense of image accelerates the superficiality about people's relationships and how they really feel about their life and situations surrounding it, energizing the idea of Emotion Notion. 

Emotion Notion is built on the premise that, by recognizing and understanding your emotions, you can recognize and understand the emotions of others, control your own emotions and manage the relationships you have with other people.This, in turn, helps you manage your life easier living life with openness and understanding. 

How can we help you? 

Whether you are an undergraduate student trying to find your way through life or you are a high powered executive trying to change your corporate culture, Emotion Notion provides customized, applicable knowledge to influence and increase your level of emotional intelligence and how you handle situations by managing your emotions. 

After your session, you leave with the knowledge you need to apply, use and feel empowered in your every day life! 

These solutions come in the form of online courses, webinars, seminars, in-person courses or even a simple discussion with similar minded people. After indulging in all of these resources you should be able to: 

  • Recognize your own emotions

  • Understand your own emotions

  • Manage your emotions

  • Improve your personal and professional relationships

  • Manage aspects of your life 

Why Emotion Notion? 

So you may be wondering, what makes Emotion Notion so special? Why choose this company over any other company offering the same services? Emotion Notion is focused strictly on emotional intelligence only. There is no focus on other management styles or techniques, just how to manage your emotions in all areas of your life. 

Founder, Dr. Thompson, has spent the last 10 years researching Emotional Intelligence with a focus on the topic for her dissertation to complete her Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology. She has also a certified practitioner in multiple emotional intelligence assessments, in addition to the personality assessment, Myers-Briggs (MBTI). All which provide a solid foundation for facilitating and sharing her knowledge of emotional intelligence. 

Other individuals who are an influential part of the Emotion Notion team have received their own individualized emotional intelligence assessments and have gone through specialized training to make sure they are also knowledgeable on emotional aspects.